Please Excuse Me I Sink Into the Mind of a 13 Year Old

(Explicit Post. At moments like these I want to doubly remind readers that my blog is no way a representation of the views of Fulbright nor is condoned by them.)

Ok, here goes:

From Mike,

When performing intercultural exchange during your Fulbright, it’s important to be in depth and thorough with your language skills. Of course, the first things you have to learn when studying a foreign language are the curse words. Thankfully, our trustworthy intern, Priyanka Ray, has a strong grasp of many languages and understands our need for exchange. After being taught several new words, we had to ask Google for a better understanding. One of the first links we found for bokachoda was . A wonderfully educational site.

With our new found vocabulary, I asked Mithu some questions to test his pronunciation- and she clearly understood what I was saying! And proceeded to chase me and slap me 15x.

So, after some instruction, we have created a short vocabulary list:

পাছা / pacha = ass/tail/butt
বিশাল পাছা / bishal pacha = badonkadonk
ঝাটের বাল / jhater bal = pubic hair

গুদ / gud = vagina
ধন / dhon = penis
বিশাল ধন / bishal dhon = HUGE PENIS
বোকাচোদা / boka choda = fucker
দুধ / dudh = boobs / milk
বড় বড় দুধ এবং ছোট গুদ লাগবে / boro boro dudh ebong choto gud lagbe = big boobs and small pussy needed

Last night I fond a bamboo stick in a garbage can and gave it to Mithu. The moment you pick up a bamboo stick from a trash can, and give it to your maid so she can beat your housemate. Priceless.