Not the most coherent post

It’s been awhile since I last wrote. The evaporation of time has been encroaching on my work time. India, perhaps you have made me too exhausted at the end of every day to write.

In the meantime, our house has turned into a proto hostel, hosting people from around the world. Mike’s couchsurfing profile has become quite active. We’ve had people from Israel, the US of course, and now China. It’s pretty cool! That’s one of the beauties of our apartment in Calcutta—we can comfortably (I hope) host people.

But the constant flow of people here has also made it difficult to concentrate on work or Bangla. Well, whatever.

Over the weekend, I went with the Germans, my housemates and T, to the beach at Mandarmani where we stayed at a resort near the beach that apparently many Bengali films are shot. Finally, we also explored Diga, where hundreds upon hundreds of fishing boats depart every day, forming an endless chain of red as rust boats that dwindle into the horizon.

Right now, my housemates and a couple of friends are on our 12th floor balcony, launching fireworks and sparklers. I’m sure it violates multiple fire codes, not to mention Hiland Park’s regulations. But hell, it’s fun! It’s amazing the cool things you can do with fireworks and long exposures! It’s not even diwali yet.

In other news, I’m also getting into Of Monsters and Men—what a lovely band! And their Icelandic accents, whew!

Sheela comes next week, I’m excited! She’s on the plane right now to Hyderabad to visit family first.