05. 08. 2012

Growing Up Afghani in Small Town USA

Bahar and his brother Mehran sit on two rocks besides me. They’ve agreed to meet in a park in their hometown in Connecticut, down the street from the house where they grew up. The...

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10. 05. 2012
vermin supreme

The Presidential Candidates You’ve Never Heard Of

One man claims to offer every voter free ponies.  Another wishes to govern on the 1611 King James Bible. What do they have in common? They’re all officially running for president, and they...

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04. 04. 2012

White Washed Walls And Red Plastic Chairs: A Story Of Bhang Lassis

Ruins of ancient Vijayanagara near Hampi, Karnataka, India. I’ve never written this story down before. I think it is time. Have you ever heard of a bhang lassi? It’s a cannabis milkshake. To...

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22. 04. 2010

The State Of Zimbabwean Refugees

One thousand five hundred people now live in canvas tents on a football field-sized patch of dirt. On another field a few hours away, 200 people sleep each night with no blankets and...

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14. 04. 2010

There’s a Yank on my stoep

“BROTHER, sorry brother. Can you help me?” “Two rand for milk and bread?” I look at him – the beggar with a bright neon security vest, guarding cars – shake my head, and...

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12. 11. 2009
Campus thumbnail

Migrating South

The University is eyeing more than just the 19th ward for expansion.  Since the 1920s, it has expanded at a rate of about a million square feet per decade. By a combination of good...

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17. 09. 2009
Urban Decay, American Decay

Urban Decay, American Decay

You want to know where America’s gone? It’s gone to the suburbs. And, at least on an aesthetic level, that’s been the death of America. Last week, I ran northward on the west bank of the river...

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05. 06. 2009
“Stick A Probe Here, Stick A Probe There: Money For Medicine”

“Stick A Probe Here, Stick A Probe There: Money For Medicine”

Supporting Oneself On Medical Studies: As many members of my graduating class know, finding steady employment is an ongoing challenge — exciting, sometimes disappointing and certainly fraught with uncertainties. That’s why I’ve decided to drop...

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